Mobile search revenues to reach £2.4bn by 2013

Revenues from internet searches on mobile devices will reach £2.4bn globally by 2013, says Juniper Research.

Revenues from internet searches on mobile devices will reach £2.4bn globally by 2013, says Juniper Research.

A report by Juniper says that although revenue generated by data charges associated with mobile search is currently significantly higher than that from mobile advertising, the gap will close over the next five years as the relatively young mobile advertising market establishes itself.

The report also indicates local search services will be the most popular with advertisers, attracting 40% of mobile search adspend between 2008 and 2013.

According to the report, adoption of mobile search services is likely to be driven by:

• Enhancements to the user interface, improving the searching experience.

• The gradual decline of operators' "walled garden" approach which prevents easy viewing of mobile pages outside their control.

• Reduction in data costs and increasing availability of flat-rate tariffs.

• The impetus from major search brands such as Google and Yahoo.

The report cautions that an "advertising overload" might be a disincentive to consumers, and there are continuing public concerns over search-engine usage of personal data.

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