IT graduates lack skills to ensure business continuity

New IT graduates would not be able to assure business...

New IT graduates would not be able to assure business continuity in the event of a disaster, a new study claims.

The SteelEye Technology Business Continuity Index, a survey examining adoption levels, best practice and attitudes regarding business continuity among IT professionals, uncovered the worrying trend.

The business continuity firm said that even as threats continue to rise, universities and graduate-level information technology programmes are not arming their students with the skills they need to prevent or recover from IT disasters.

While 87% of respondents think the average IT organisation faces the same or more threats to business continuity than it did a year perviously, a significant majority (61%) said that current college and graduate IT courses do not place enough emphasis on the skills needed to implement business continuity.

Similarly, 60% of all organisations said that the average IT organisation is no more prepared for these threats to business continuity than it was a year previously.

And among respondents from organisations with a business need for disaster recovery or business continuity protection, the top reason given for avoiding investment was the lack of skills to implement it.

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