Smart projects: Grammar school saves third of IT budget with online procurement

Bradford Grammar School is saving two days a week and a third of its IT budget with a web-based procurement ...

Bradford Grammar School is saving two days a week and a third of its IT budget with a web-based procurement system. The system allows the school to gets its IT from an online catalogue showing products from 1,200 suppliers.

The school's IT department is now using the catalogue to buy hardware and software and is saving nearly two working weeks a month because of the increase in the efficiency of its purchasing processes.

Before using the online system, the school's IT team would spend up to half of every working day searching for suppliers on the internet, before ringing each supplier and requesting a quote. The quotes would then be analysed according to cost and availability. The process meant that, while IT equipment came from a trusted source, it was not always at the best price.

The department is now using to update its 600 PCs and 12 servers. IT network manager Simon Marriott said the time saved allows the team to maintain the system to a higher level. The money the department is saving means it can buy higher specification equipment for the same budget.

He said, "On average the system is saving us in excess of two days a week in time we used to spend on researching, sourcing and comparing prices from multiple suppliers. It has reduced our procurement process from nearly half a working day down to less than half an hour."

He said the monetary savings mean the department can improve technology education at the school because it can buy better equipment.

"The system has enabled us to do a better job for Bradford Grammar School. We can now get the best priced product for the fastest possible time in the UK, enabling us to stretch our IT budget and deliver a better service for teachers to educate pupils."

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