Meet Oscar Trimboli - Microsoft's unified networker

Oscar Trimboli is not technical, but he is a strong communicator. And as Adam Turner discovers in this profile, that might just be the most important skill of all to get unified communications up and running in Australia.

Unified Communications is all about tying together new technologies, but Oscar Trimboli - Microsoft's Unified Communications evangelist - confesses he's not a technical person.

"No one has ever accused me of being technical, I am not technical in the slightest," laughs Trimboli.

"Where I add value is keeping people focused on what the customer wants and not their own little slice of the world. I am always challenging them to think about convergence rather than their own view of the world."

Trimboli is director of Microsoft's Unified Communications group in Australia, working with Microsoft customers, partners and even competitors to bring together the vision of Unified Communications. The next convergence frontier, Unified Communications offers the ability to stay in contact regardless of the device you're using.

"This is a great tipping point for the industry, a move from siloed thinking and starting to integrating systems so we don't have seven out of ten phone calls ending up with voicemail and the productivity declines that result from that," Trimboli says.

"Microsoft has got a leadership role to play in Unified Communications but it's really important, in the early days of this industry for companies to learn to partner because nobody has all the skills to deliver these solutions. Microsoft has grown up and our customers have told us that we need to play better with other vendors they've made technology investments with."

Trimboli is a prominent Microsoft blogger, following industry news and profiling industry figures. Having previously worked for HP, Vodafone and Peoplesoft, he has a history of community building.

"When I was at Vodafone I help set up a group called Wireless Wednesday, which met once a month to discuss the wireless industry - there were a lot of start ups at that time, at the end of the dot-com boom," he says.

"I'm trying to bring a similar sort of approach to Unified Communications in the Australian marketplace. We're doing a lot of world class leading stuff in Australia, Cisco recently did a press release out of their worldwide partner conference and they held up Australia and the work Dimension Data was doing with us and Cisco as world leading in driving Unified Communications."

If the phrase "people person" wasn't such a cliché, it would be stamped on Trimboli's file in big red letters. He has a marketing MBA from Macquarie University's Graduate School of Business and is now part of the school's mentoring program. In his spare time he raises money for cancer research through Relay for Life, as well as Oxfam's TrailWalker project.

"The best place to get all the gossip on me is LinkedIn," Trimboli says.

A quick check of his profile reveals all the hallmarks of a networking junkie, with more than 500 connections and a string of recommendations from people across the technology industry.

"I love seeing other people successful that's why I set up Wireless Wednesday and that's why I love dealing with partners and customers. I think at the end of the day, you can only be successful if you help other people be successful."


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