Virtualisation to drive unmanned datacentres

Techniques such as virtualisation are making datacentre designs simpler, allowing them to be run remotely

Advances in technologies such as virtualisation will mean that firms will be able to run datacentres unmanned according to Fujitsu Siemens Computers.

According to Fujitsu strategists, techniques such as virtualisation are making datacentre designs simpler, allowing them to be run remotely. The IT supplier believes that already a growing number of datacentres in the UK run on a "lights out" basis where operational management is carried out remotely or automatically. Fujitsu predicts that if current trends continue, unmanned datacentres will outnumber manned datacentres as soon as 2012.

Commented Dave Pritchard, senior technology strategist at Fujitsu Siemens Computers, said, "Tomorrow's datacentre will resemble more of a "one man and a dog" set-up - the dog is there for security and the man is there to feed the dog."

This trend is set to continue, he said. "Analysis, configuration and optimisation, all tasks that need personnel to be present, will gradually become part of the software and systems, removing the need for people on site," he said.

This could adversely affect datacentre jobs, according to Pritchard. "Datacentre managers, infrastructure managers, engineers, analysts and technicians would all be impacted. IT staff are no strangers to change, but these developments bring change right into the heart of the IT department."

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