Webroot unveils e-mail security SaaS system for SMEs

Webroot has unveiled the Webroot E-Mail Security software-as-a-service (SaaS) product for SMEs.

Webroot has unveiled the Webroot E-Mail Securitysoftware-as-a-service (SaaS) product for SMEs.

The service follows the takeover of Email Systems by Webroot last November.

Targeted at SMEs that want easier to manage perimeter security, Webroot said its new SaaS system delivered better protection, lower total cost of ownership and better value than perimeter security appliances or software.

Mike Irwin, COO at Webroot, said, "At enterprise-class levels, security and security management is difficult and complex and therefore often unfulfilled. This is especially true at SMEs with limited security resources.

"SaaS solutions re-define perimeter security by eliminating the pain and cost of hardware and software management. With better manageability, better protection and overall better value, our SME customers can now focus on their mission-critical projects, while we provide them with enterprise-class security," he said.

Webroot's e-mail security service uses up to five different anti-virus and two different spam filtering engines to keep up to date.

The new system can be integrated with Webroot AntiSpyware Corporate Edition and AntiVirus end-point protection.

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