Oracle user satisfaction dips

The UK Oracle User Group's annual survey of 600 users shows lower levels of satisfaction in Oracle Support compared with 2006.

Oracle must improve its support and account handling IT managers surveyed by the UK Oracle User Group have said.

But IT managers surveyed were happy with the company's technology, particularly PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and the Oracle server products.

The user group's annual survey of 600 users showed lower levels of satisfaction in Oracle Support compared with 2006. One in five user group members surveyed said they were unhappy with an element of Oracle support. In particular, IT managers wanted to see improvements from Oracle on country-level support.

The proportion of users unhappy with Oracle's account teams rose 4% from 10% in 2006 to 14% in 2007.

IT managers also saw room for improvement in Oracle's licensing policy. Just 15% of respondents said they were happy or very happy with Oracle licensing, a 5% decrease since 2006. The proportion of user group members saying they were unhappy or very unhappy increased to 32%.

Users of Oracle software have previously complained to Computer Weekly about the company's policy for licensing its flagship database on virtual server platforms, which allows the server to be partitioned. IT managers planning to deploy the Oracle database have to pay the full licence for all processors on a server even if only a few are used to run the database.

Dissatisfaction with Oracle's global support desks increased from 7% to 17%. However, Oracle Web Conference/Direct Connect and Remote Diagnostic support tools were rated highly by those who used them.

Ronan Miles, chairman of the UK Oracle User Group said overall levels of customer satisfaction with Oracle were increasing since 2006. "Of particular note is the positive response by the PeopleSoft and JD Edwards communities to the efforts Oracle has made during the year following last years survey," he said.

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