Glass firm gets clear view of its business with new ERP platform

Tyneside Safety Glass has deployed an ERP system to gain a clearer view of its operations.

Tyneside Safety Glass has deployed an ERP system to gain a clearer view of its operations.

The firm has chosen the Syspro system from the K3 Business Technology Group (K3).

The glass manufacturer is benefiting from a major productivity and efficiency boost across its three production sites as a result of Syspro ERP and a £5m investment in new machinery, along with lean manufacturing techniques and Kaizen management improvements.

As one benefit, Syspro has helped achieve a 25% reduction in unnecessary stock holding at the firm.

Syspro ERP is used across all three Tyneside Safety Glass production facilities.

"Our business has progressed significantly with Syspro. We have seen the integration of the whole business across our three production sites, gained visibility of real time management information and have achieved significant efficiency and control improvements thanks to Syspro," said Mike Matson, finance director at Tyneside Safety Glass.

So far, the company has implemented the Bill of Materials, Inventory, Work in Progress, Purchasing, Sales Order, and the Financial and Payroll Syspro modules.

The firm has also just chosen the Shopfloor Data Capture module, which uses barcode scanning to allow full traceability of products right back to raw materials. This enables Tyneside Safety Glass to easily investigate queries from customers concerning problems with products.

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