SAP donates Netweaver tool to open source Eclipse project

SAP is to contribute its memory testing tool from Netweaver to the Eclipse open source project.

SAP is to contribute its memory testing tool from Netweaver to the Eclipse open source project.

The memory analyser is designed to help Java developers test memory usage for applications created using Eclipse. Typically, when developers create an application, they set aside a certain amount of memory on the server designated to that application. However, enterprise applications often run continuously and can use up that memory over time, frequently requiring a server shut-down.

SAP said developers would be able to use the SAP software to determine how best to optimise memory usage without having to shut down their servers and interrupt critical business processes.

The tool should improve the quality of open source Java projects. Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation, said "By empowering Eclipse developers with these new memory analyzer tools, SAP will help developers to more efficiently build commercial applications on the extensible Eclipse development and application framework."

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