Cut-price mobile RFID reader unveiled by RF Code

Cut-price mobile RFID reader unveiled by RF Code

RF Code has introduced a cut-price wearable radio frequency identification (RFID) reader to track assets via almost any mobile device.

The benefits of mobile tracking and asset management have previously been limited to users of industrial-class handheld computers costing several thousand pounds. RF Code's M220 device costs around £500.

The long-range device picks up the signals emitted from RFID tags on assets and sends information about their location via Bluetooth wireless technology to smartphones, Window-based PDAs or laptops used in conjunction with the M220.

The M220 reader is designed to bring automatic tracking and inventory capabilities to the mass markets of enterprise asset management.

The M220 can be used in the discovery and management of assets in areas beyond the perimeter of a fixed reader infrastructure. It can also serve as a complimentary search device within a dedicated, multi-zonal system featuring RF Code's fixed readers.

The device interprets and reports the radio frequency messages emitted by RF Code's M100-series active RFID tags at distances of up to 70 metres and reports signal strength information for each tag processed.

Tag transmissions are processed in real time which enables asset managers to quickly locate and identify tagged assets.

"The launch of the M220 is a significant milestone for enterprise asset tracking and inventory," said RF Code CEO Mitch Medford. "With this new tool, a much larger community of asset managers can benefit from RF Code's active RFID technology."

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