Extreme upgrades network access control offering

Extreme Networks has upgraded its network access control (Nac) offerings to help firms better secure their networks.

Extreme Networks has upgraded its network access control (Nac) offerings to help firms better secure their networks.

Extreme has upgraded its existing Nac solution and introduced the new Extreme Networks Policy Manager tool to allow network administrators to apply and enforce security policies across their networks with increased scale and visibility.

The supplier said the systems would also make the deployment of advanced security features manageable and simple.

The existing Extreme Networks Sentriant Access Guard (AG) Nac platform now addresses large networks and numerous end points with new features that centralise management of multi-server deployments, where a single dedicated management server controls multiple enforcement servers that can be distributed across various buildings or departments.

For smaller Nac deployments, a single management server can be deployed that provides embedded enforcement capabilities on one platform.

To deliver greater scalability and reliability of Nac, Sentriant AG now supports load balancing capabilities, where the end-point testing load is distributed across all enforcement servers in a cluster.

This adds redundancy, so if one server fails, the security policy remains functional. An enhanced User Interface also provides enterprise-scale administration capabilities, where managers can rapidly access, view, and control all servers and end-point access information from a single management console.

To further the security at the core and the edge of the network, Extreme Networks has unveiled its new Extreme Networks Policy Manager, a management tool that provides visibility into security rules and eases management of Access Control Lists.

EPM is client-based software used to create security policies and Extreme Networks' Clear-Flow security rules.

A key benefit of EPM is its real-time interaction with Extreme Networks Extreme XOS-based BlackDiamondand Summit switches, where up-to-the-minute information is provided and changes can be made in real-time.

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