IBM standardises energy efficiency measurement

IBM has developed a standard approach to measuring datacentre energy efficiency which the company says will help IT managers reduce the environmental impact of business computing.

IBM has developed a standard approach to measuring datacentre energy efficiency which the company says will help IT managers reduce the environmental impact of business computing.

IBM Data Center Energy Efficiency Assessment uses a new standard metric to rate the energy efficiency of the datacentre, and presents a plan for businesses to increase their efficiency, IBM said.

Although backing the effort to create greener computing systems, IT managers have complained there was a lack of standards to measuring energy efficiency of their systems to achieve effective comparison with other businesses.

Mike Daniels, senior vice-president, IBM Global Technology Services said, “Many datacentres have now reached full capacity, limiting a firm’s ability to grow and make necessary capital investments. Today we are providing clients the IBM action plan to make their datacentres fully utilised and energy efficient.”

According to Forrester Research technology suppliers are putting significant resources into burnishing their green credentials. They are investing in and starting to promote low-impact manufacturing; energy efficiency; and responsible, end-of-life disposal for IT devices and systems.

Meanwhile, a new report by Forrester Research says that despite a growing awareness that environmental concerns will impact their future IT operations, the vast majority of large companies have yet to build “green IT” requirements into how they buy and use technology.

Its survey of 124 IT operations and procurement professionals in North America and Europe found that while 85 percent said environmental factors were important in planning IT operations, only one-quarter said they have written green criteria into their company’s purchasing processes.

Under its Project Big Green initiative, IBM has promised to spend £500m a year across its businesses. It will spend on five main areas: diagnosing problems with energy efficiency, building new centres which are more efficient, virtualizing systems, improved systems management and developing better cooling technologies.

Among the projects IBM is running as part of project Big Green is the use of virtual worlds to explore virtual 3-D power management of datacentres, resulting in more efficient energy use.

IBM has developed new Data Center Stored Cooling Solution service product, a patented system relying on liquid, rather than air cooling. Implemented at an IBM datacentre in Quebec, it achieved 45%, the company said.

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