Cisco urges Wireless Control security upgrade

Cisco Systems is urging customers to upgrade to the latest version of its Wireless Control System to fix several flaws

Cisco has revealed that its Wireless Control System (WCS) contains a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to gain full administrative control of WCS.

In addition Cisco said the WCS and the Lightweight Access Points contain multiple vulnerabilities that could result in a denial of service attack.

In a Cisco advisory issued Thursday, the vendor said there are no known workarounds for these vulnerabilities. Versions of the WCS prior to are affected by the f;aws. Cisco has released free software updates to fix the flaws and is urging customers to upgrade to version

Among some of the issues, Cisco said an authentication system within the WCS contains a privilege escalation vulnerability that allows any user with a valid user name and password to change their account group membership.

If the WCS is configured to back up the data stored on the Cisco Wireless Location Appliance via FTP. An attacker can use the credentials with other properties of the FTP server to read and write to arbitrary files on the server hosting the WCS application. The attacker could alter system files and compromise the server.

Several directories within the WCS page hierarchy are not password protected and could be accessed by an unauthenticated user.

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