Bookmaker bets on better management of IT infrastructure

Independent bookmakers Betfred has chosen Nimsoft software to help manage its IT infrastructure.

Independent bookmakers Betfred has chosen Nimsoft software to help manage its IT infrastructure. 

The gambling firm is due to implement NimBUS server monitoring and management solution across its 680 UK shops. The roll-out is designed to manage the firm’s critical line-of-business applications to help provide real-time betting to its customers.

NimBUS is designed to ensure that the underlying IT infrastructure is available and operating at peak performance according to the requirements of its business. The deployment is expected to be completed by the end of 2007.

As Betfred decided to migrate to a new real-time betting transaction and risk management software, it was clear its extensive IT infrastructure had to be better monitored and managed to support the demands of a real time business.
Andy Burgess, network manager at Betfred, said the firm had to deal with 83,000 bets on an average Saturday.

“IT is the lynchpin upon which the business delivers exceptional service and value. When a bet is placed in a shop or online, the customer expects the resulting transaction to be prompt and accurate. This places huge demands on our servers and infrastructure and we need to know that it is performing within acceptable parameters.”

He said NimBUS removed the guesswork from monitoring.

“We now have the capability to monitor individual servers, components and availability at a glance through the dashboard tool. NimBUS alerts us to potential and actual problems based on parameters that we have established. The result is that we are in a far stronger position to deliver the service levels that the business expects and ensure the resources are available to support Betfred’s growth strategy.”

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