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Managed services and virtualisation can be a convenient way to increase processing power and capacity, but when it comes to security, users should not underestimate their own responsibilities, a consensus of research suggests.

Butler: managed services need in-house overseers

The use of IT managed services will rise, but companies need dedicated in-house management teams to oversee issues such as security if projects are to succeed. "Managed services is not a 'hire-and-forget' option, and the use of third parties raises a multitude of considerations," said Maxine Holt, senior analyst at Butler Group.

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Gartner: virtualisation in a hurry can harm security

Virtualisation done in a rush without implementing best practices for security can increase costs and reduce agility, according to Gartner. As a result, until 2009, 60% of production virtual machines will be less secure than their physical counterparts, it said.

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Forrester: collaboration is needed for success

Defining a managed services strategy is central to selecting the right service provider and maintaining security. "With ever-changing security threats and business priorities, your relationship needs to be collaborative and flexible," said Forrester analyst Paul Stamp.

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Datamonitor: continuity services set for growth

Maintaining security and privacy will be key parts of next-generation network roll outs for managed services. Uptake of business continuity services is expected to grow by about 15% a year until 2010, said Datamonitor.

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