Get the business edge with web conferencing

Find out which applications and underlying motivating factors are driving SMEs to web conferencing, and see why for some the technology is essential for business.

SMEs' use of web conferencing as a general-purpose business tool has undergone tremendous growth in adoption and usage over the past few years.

While many think of web conferencing as a large enterprise application, in fact it has shown remarkable attractiveness to Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) users as well.
Citrix Online, a leading player in web conferencing services asked Wainhouse Research to conduct an independent web survey to a portion of its customer base.
The goal was to identify which applications and underlying motivating factors are driving SME’s to use web conferencing, what SME users think about the results they have achieved, and whether the technology has become essential for conducting business. 

The results of the survey show clearly just how business-enriching vital web conferencing can be for SMEs. Click here to find out what your business needs to know




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