Symantec: image spam decline continues

Symantec's latest monthly spam report, has found that the volume of image spam is in decline.

Symantec's latest monthly spam report, has found that the volume of image spam is in decline.

The trend of image spam’s decline continued, according to Symantec’s research, averaging at 16% for the month of May, down from 27% and 37% in the months of April and March respectively. At its peak in January 2007, Symantec estimated that image spam accounted for nearly 52% of all spam. With the recent decline in image spam, Symantec has observed an increase in spam which use links and embedded URLs to reference images contained in spam.

The company warned that fraud spam continued to rise from 9% in March to 13% in May. Financial spam continues to make up the majority of spam sent, accounting for 22%, alongside product spam, the company said.

Symantec warned that the type of spam messages being sent to users was changing.  It recently found examples of offers of jobs or careers to recipients, having changed from typically offering oil and gas reserves in African countries.

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