BEA supports event-driven SOA in Java

BEA Systems is releasing a server that supports event-driven service orientated architectures in Java environments.

BEA Systems is releasing a server that supports event-driven service orientated architectures in Java environments.

BEA says its BEA Weblogic Event Server is the only Java application server optimised to handle large volumes of streaming data, predictable real-time response requirements and complex event processing (CEP).

Until now, said BEA, being able to manage these types of event requirements in real time and with high predictability has not been possible in Java.

Weblogic Event Server is a lightweight but full-featured application server platform with event features built in, enabling customers to build their applications on the platform without having to integrate a CEP engine with a separate general-purpose platform.
Weblogic Event Server offers the ability to handle a high volume of complex events with the speed and predictability that are expected in C/C++ but at the much lower total cost of ownership of Java, said BEA.

Weblogic Event Server can be combined with BEA Weblogic Real Time and BEA Weblogic Server Virtual Edition to support the requirements of event-driven SOA.

It also aggregates information from distributed systems in real time and applies rules to discern patterns and trends that might otherwise go unnoticed.

This gives companies the ability to model, identify, anticipate and instantly respond to opportunities and threats represented by seemingly unrelated events.

The product serves as an infrastructure for certain key aspects of SOA, enabling high-performance computing without modification of current or planned SOA infrastructure, BEA said.

A public beta for Weblogic Event Server has just started. It will be generally available as a commercial product this summer.

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