Weekly compilation of storage news: TB drives unleashed

Dell and Alienware add Hitachi's 1 TB drive to desktop computers; MicroNet NAS appliance will ship with 1 TB drives in the second quarter.

1 TB drives hit PCs
Dell and Alienware customers purchasing XPS, Aurora and Area 51 gaming desktop computers have the option to add the first consumer one terabyte (TB) hard drive from Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST). Dell XPS system details and pricing are available at www.dell.com/XPS. Alienware system details and pricing are available at www.alienware.com/desktops.

In a separate announcement, MicroNet Technology announced that version 4.0 of its Platinum NAS appliance will now scale up to 4 TB using 1 TB SATA disk drives. The product will be available in the second quarter with pricing starting at $879 for a 1 TB model.

This week's news
Data deduplication vendors duke it out

Video clip firm sticks with tape

Overland boosts performance of low-end VTL

Cisco stamps on Brocade in Q4, Dell'Oro says

Xiotech the lowest bidder in records management deal

NetApp adds deduplication to NearStore

Symantec says fixing licensing portal top priority

Department of Homeland Security automates storage

Meanwhile, HGST announced it is cutting 4,500 jobs at a hard drive production plant in Mexico this year, in an effort to consolidate its manufacturing to Asia in order to boost production.

Siafu offers encrypted data replication as standard feature
Siafu Software announced that all of its Siafu Swarm Series IP SAN Appliances now support scheduled asynchronous replication between two Swarm appliances using VSS-enabled snapshots, which are also encrypted with AES-256 before being replicated. The products are available now starting at $8,995

NASA, USGS go with Isilon
Isilon systems announced that both NASA and USGS are using Isilon IQ clustered storage to power satellite imaging projects collecting high-res imagery of Earth and Mars, respectively. NASA is using Isilon clusters for World Wind, a virtual globe for online users. USGS is using Isilon for the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) digital imaging project on Mars being led by the University of Arizona.

Swiss reinsurance company deploys Brocade directors
Brocade announced that Switzerland's largest reinsurance company has implemented 4 Gbps Brocade 48000 Directors for the expansion of the SANs at its two data centers. Swiss Re used the new directors to consolidate open systems and mainframe storage.

Nexsan unveils archiving for ROBO
Nexsan Technologies announced its Assureon NX Easy Archive Appliance, intended for small enterprises, branch offices and departmental groups. The product is a CAS system which performs file-level deduplication like its larger sister product, but without the same search capabilities. Pricing starts at $53,000.

FarStone, CyGem launch SMB backup
FarStone Technology announced a new product line of backup software marketed to SMBs called DriveClone, which includes versions for work stations, servers, networks and a new version for system builders. The software can perform complete and incremental backups from within Windows without the need to reboot the system, and offers a new snapshot feature. The new products will be available starting next quarter. In a separate announcement, CyGem, Ltd. launched a new backup service aimed at SMBs what will keep local copies of data onsite and a "golden copy" offsite.

Fujitsu offers solid state drives in tablets
Fujitsu introduced notebooks with solid state drives (SSDs) instead of mechanical disk. The LifeBook P1610 and LifeBook B6210 ultra-portable models will offer an option for NAND flash-based configurations of 16 GB or 32 GB.

In other flash news, Kingston Technology announced two new 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash drives. The DataTraveler Secure version is priced at $282, and the Privacy Edition at $350.

Spectra Logic touts 16 PB library
Spectra Logic announced the Spectra T950, a tape library that expands up to 16.08 petabytes compressed and up to 10,050 slots. The product can be used to partition and integrate a combination of tape, VTL and encryption using the AES-256 algorithm and compression through a FIPS-compliant chip. Entry-level pricing for the big version, which will be available in the second quarter, starts at $240,250; a single-frame T950 library with the same features is available today for $100,950.

AMCC adds PC support for consumer RAID
Applied Micro Circuits Corporation announced that its 3ware Sidecar desktop SATA II storage box will now support Windows and Linux PCs; the product was first released for the Apple Power Mac G5 in September. The new version will also ship with a new PCI Express 9650SE RAID controller, which AMCC claims offers write and read speeds of up to 200MBps. Suggested list price for the box is $1,295, disk drives not included. The 9650SE RAID controller is also available separately at suggested list prices of $195 for 2 ports, $995 for 16 ports and $1,595 for 24 ports.

Pogo Linux touts NAS with built in management features
Pogo Linux Inc. announced the release of the StorageDirector 3000 NAS appliance. The appliance includes Web-based management of storage and backup, cross-platform file sharing for Linux, Windows, Mac and Unix, as well as support for all NFS, CIFS and AppleTalk; scheduled snapshots, remote mirroring and remote replication; multipathing and IP failover; and both hardware and software RAID, including RAID-6. The appliance is available in three models -- the StorageDirector 3004 (4 TB), StorageDirector 3008 (8 TB), and StorageDirector 3012 (12 TB) -- starting at $8,399.

AXS-One offers hosted archiving
AXS-One Inc. announced the launch of a hosted version of the AXS-One Compliance Platform. The service is a combination of AXS-One's email and electronic records archive and management software and managed hosting and storage services from technology services partner EDS.

In a separate announcement, Azaleos announced that its OneServer hosted-archiving platform has been updated for Exchange 2007. Azaleos claims the BladeMail clustered version of the appliance can now support up to 42,000 users with the new 64-bit operating system included with Exchange.

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