Intel invests in faster 45nm processors

Intel is investing between £509m and £763m in its New Mexico chip fabrication plant to produce faster and more energy efficient 45nm processors.

Intel is investing between £509m and £763m in its New Mexico chip fabrication plant to produce faster and more energy efficient 45nm processors.

The Rio Rancho site will be the company’s fourth factory scheduled to use the 45nm process, with 45nm production in New Mexico scheduled to start in the second half of next year.

Intel’s 45nm high-k and metal gate process consists of an innovative combination of new transistor materials that drastically reduces transistor power leakage and increases performance.

Early versions of Intel’s next generation 45nm family of products – codenamed Penryn – are already running multiple operating systems and applications, and the company says it’s on track to begin group 45nm production in the second half of this year.

Paul Otellini, Intel CEO, said, “Our new 45 nanometer process represents one of the most significant manufacturing breakthroughs in decades, and we believe that putting it in our factory in New Mexico will help us deliver the best possible products for our customers.”

Initial production of Intel’s 45nm products will be done at its Oregon fabrication plant.  The company is currently building two other factories that will use the 45nm process - one in Arizona and one in Israel.

Both Intel and smaller rival AMD are currently promoting the wider use of 65nm chips. AMD also has 45nm chips on the planning board.

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