Wi-Fi FMC market hots up with DiVitas entry

The market for Wi-Fi fixed mobile convergence (FMC) is heating up with the launch of a new product offering from DiVitas Networks.

The market for Wi-Fi fixed mobile convergence (FMC) is heating up with the launch of a new product offering from DiVitas Networks.

DiVitas has launched a mobile software client and office connectivity box which allows mobile users to get access to their office applications and comms using any public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Avaya and Nokia launched their own Wi-Fi mobile phone offering in a blaze of publicity at the recently held 3GSM Congress in Barcelona, but that offering - which is still in beta - only works with enterprise campus wireless access points and not public ones.

DiVitas showed off its product offering at this week’s NetEvents networking and telecoms symposium in Evian.

The company’s product means a user travelling in their own country or abroad simply has to click the client icon on their device to get access to their desk phone or office applications via a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Like the Avaya/Nokia offering, the user can also get access over a mobile phone network.

Both products allow users to make calls over an internet connection and route them via their desk phone to slash call costs. The FMC offering also allow users to take advantage of desk phone call features on their mobile device - including group calling and unified messaging.

DiVitas said it had now trained up its first resellers to sell the product. The cost for a minimum of 10 user licences is $500 (£265) for each user a year in the US - pricing for other countries has yet to be confirmed.

The box that enables the connection to the desk phone is installed free, said DiVitas.

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