IBM improves virtualisation on z/VM platform

IBM has improved virtualisation on its z/VM mainframe platform to support more virtual machines and larger memory configurations.

IBM has improved virtualisation on its z/VM mainframe platform to support more virtual machines and larger memory configurations.

With z/VM version 5.3, said IBM, firms can now host the industry’s largest number of virtual images on a single Hypervisor - virtualisation technology that makes one computer look like multiple computers. This allows customers to further optimise and consolidate their infrastructures.

Internal testing conducted by IBM reveals that the new virtualisation product release can host more than 1,000 virtual images on a single copy of z/VM.

The new software, which can be used to replace many physical servers with virtual ones running in a single mainframe, helps customers lower energy consumption and other costs associated with datacentres that have large numbers of single-application servers. 

The latest z/VM release also helps clients prepare for datacentre growth by offering support for larger memory configurations, which are designed to help clients eliminate the need to spread large virtual-machine based workloads across multiple copies of z/VM.

“IBM recognises that clients are challenged with growing amounts of data, at the same time that costs related to energy consumption, floor space and maintenance are making them wary of server sprawl,” said Mark Anzani, vice-president for System z products at IBM.

IBM z/VM version 5.3 will be available for purchase from 29 June.

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