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Growth of software as a service

Analysts have highlighted the growth of software as a service.

Users benefit from low up-front costs, since they only pay for what they use and there is no drawn-out implementation. Companies such as have popularised the idea with its hosted CRM package, and many other suppliers are planning to develop on-demand products this year.

Ventana Research: using BI as a software service

A growing number of business intelligence software suppliers are offering software as a service. Ventana Research believes this method of access can help user firms cut costs, speed deployments and broaden usage of BI.

Cutter: growing demand for software as a service

More companies are moving to the on-demand software model. Consultancy Cutter's latest survey has shown that interest and adoption of the software as a service model is real and continuing to grow at a fast pace. Cutter's study, based on interviews with executives, shows that a third of firms are currently using the software as a service model.

Quocirca: the benefits of on-demand software

Many businesses buy software that never gets used, according to analyst firm Quocirca. Users end up paying for unnecessary licensing and worse, are charged annual maintenance on the unused product, it said. This does not happen when the software is charged on a usage basis.

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