Security advice wrap-up

Security is an essential part of IT at small and medium-sized businesses. How much have you learned from lately? Find out with this quiz.

If you've been keeping up with our security news and advice during the past six months, you can probably ace this short quiz. But if you aren't up to date, never fear -- you can catch up on the latest SMB security information just by taking the quiz and noting the correct answers.

Part I: Just the facts -- or are they?

1. In "Two-factor authentication best practices for SMBs," Joel Dubin lists forms of authentication, including biometrics. What isn't an example of biometrics?
   a. fingerprints
   b. facial or voice patterns
   c. smart cards


2. In "Email encryption: Five steps to success," what isn't one of Mike Rothman's examples of content that's usually encrypted?
   a. photos
   b. customer records
   c. intellectual property


3. Managed service security providers can take care of a number of tasks, Dubin writes in "Managed security services: What's right for you?" What task isn't listed in the tip?
   a. They can monitor firewalls.
   b. They can run intrusion detection systems.
   c. They can design Web sites.


4. "NAC helps SMBs control network, costs" lists three approaches to creating interoperability among access control solutions from various vendors. Which isn't an approach listed:
   a. Trusted Network Connect
   b. Cisco's Network Admission Control
   c. Network Patrol Program


5. In "Endpoint security: The weakest link," Rothman lists reasons why the endpoint is a target. What isn't on his list?
   a. lack of email encryption
   b. human behavior
   c. increasing mobility


Part II: By the numbers

1. According to Dubin in "Two-factor authentication best practices for SMBs," how many factors are there in authentication?
   a. Two
   b. Three
   c. Four


2. "IE flaws stats stark, but omit big picture," focuses on a blogger's count of how many days in 2006 Microsoft Explorer was "unsafe." What number did the blogger come to?
   a. 284
   b. 80
   c. Nine


3. According to a report from McAfee Inc.'s Avert Labs, what percent of known Trojan password stealers target multiplayer online role-playing games?
   a. 18%
   b. 25%
   c. 42%


4. In "NAC helps SMBs control network, costs," Michael Gregg lists how many methods of NAC deployment?
   a. Five
   b. Two
   c. Three


5. Security will be the priority for SMBs in 2007, according to a survey. What percentage of respondents listed it first?
   a. 33%
   b. 46%
   c. 75%


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