Free tool helps secure Terminal Services

New freeware offered by software developer 2X improves security for Terminal Services. The tool secures remote Web servers by verifying IP addresses.

A free tool from a small European company that specializes in the Terminal Services market may help Windows managers protect their remote users.

The download is offered by software maker 2X Software Ltd., which has offices in Germany, Cyprus, Malta and London. The software, 2X SecureRDP for Windows Terminal Services, verifies incoming Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections. A company can choose how to verify RDP based on its own preferences, such as IP, client name, time of day or any other criteria an organization chooses, said 2X CEO Nick Galea.

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"The good thing about SecureRDP is that if the incoming RDP connection does not meet the filter conditions, the incoming connection does not even get a logon screen," Galea said. "That way a hacker does not even get to try to log on."

According to Brian Madden, a Washington, D.C.-based author and consultant, the tool will be useful for preventing brute force attacks for companies that do not offer end users access to a VPN.

But Madden said the tool has its limitations. "This is not going to work if you want to give access from the hotel, the conference and so forth because it will be a different IP address," he said.

Madden also said 2X had recently acquired, a Web site run by ClÁudio Rodrigues, a Microsoft expert and MVP. The site offers Terminal Services information and products. Rodrigues is now part of the 2X staff.

The freeware is available for download on the company's Web site.

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