IBM targets SOA with Rational Software 7 desktop tools

IBM has released version 7 of its Rational Software desktop products to help improve the development of service oriented architecture (SOA) software.

IBM has released version 7 of its Rational Software desktop products to help improve the development of service oriented architecture (SOA) software.

The IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform 7.0 is Eclipse-based and, according to the company, offers best practice processes that help customers govern the process of software and systems delivery, as well as tighten the relationship between IT and the business.

The launch builds on the January release of Rational Systems Developer and the June release of IBM Rational Software Development Platform 7.0 Team tools, which enable better development team collaboration by breaking down organisational silos.

Version 7 products include IBM Rational Elite Support for Eclipse, which provides enterprise-level support for the Eclipse open source development framework.

There is also IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere software, which allows developers to design, develop, analyse, test, profile and deploy SOA, Java, J2EE and portal applications.
IBM Rational Software Architect provides advanced model-driven development for software architects and model-driven developers creating SOA, J2EE and portal applications.

And IBM Rational Software Modeler is a UML2.1-based visual modelling and design tool for architects, systems analysts and designers.

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