Securitybyte 2011 v2.0 Day 1: Photo feature

The second edition of Securitybyte 2011 is being held from September 6 – 9, 2011 in Bangalore. Vignettes from Day 1 of the international infosec conference.

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Day 1 of Securitybyte 2011 being held in Bangalore has been kicked off in noteworthy fashion. With participation from security experts like Bryan K Fite of British Telecom, John Bumgarner from the US Cyber Consequence Unit, Richard Marshall of Department of Homeland  Security, Bishan Singh from Yahoo! India and Aseem Jakhar to name a few, this is an event that we could not skip.

The four day event comprises of 22 talks, 39 speakers, 10 training sessions, and two panel discussions. Here’s a walkthrough of what transpired so far at Securitybyte 2011.

Securitybyte 2011 being inaugurated by Shri H K Bhardwaj (Governor of Karnataka),  Dr. Whitfield Diffie (Father of Public Key Encryption, VP for Info. Security at ICANN & Scientific Advisor to Uniken), Edward Schwartz (VP and Divisional CISO, RSA) and Securitybyte’s Nish Bhalla in true Indian fashion


Governor of Karnataka, His Excellency Shri H K Bhardwaj delivers the inaugural address

Securitybyte 2011, Day 01’s Keynote Panel Discussion in progress. From left: Edward Schwartz, Dr Whitfield Diffie, S Prabhu (Principal Account General, Karnataka (A&E), Nish Bhalla and Securitybyte’s Puneet Mehta

Securitybyte 2011 delegates were taken through a brief history of information security over the past 100 years by Dr Whitfield Diffie



Eddie Schwartz speaks about how defense-in-depth is fast becoming irrelevant today

Securitybyte 2011 proves to be a crowd puller, a good sign for security awareness in India

Samir Saklikar of RSA speaks about using data analytics for incident response

Richard Marshal, Director Global Cyber Security, Department of Homeland Security, speaks about offensive and defensive security

Antonio Fontes of L7 Sécurité elaborates on rapid threat modeling and documentation

Founder of the Defense intelligence agency, Lt Gen Kamal Davar (retd.) speaks about securing critical infrastructure

Crushing blow to SAP: Alexander Polyakov of ERPScan elaborating on holes in SAP's J2EE engine

Aseem Jhakar dicusses how to perform runtime thread injection and execution in Linux processes

Live feed from Securitybyte 2011's Capture The Flag Hacking event

Capture the flag Hacking event's objective: Web War IV and WEP/WPA wireless encryption cracking

Scenes from Securitybyte Conference Day 2 >>


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