Toshiba recalls 340,000 Sony laptop batteries

Toshiba has been forced to recall 340,000 laptop batteries made by Sony.

Toshiba has been forced to recall 340,000 laptop batteries made by Sony.

Last month, Dell recalled 4.1 million laptop batteries made by Sony, and Apple recalled 1.8 million batteries made by the same supplier. The batteries were found to be a potential fire hazard.

Reuters reports that the batteries being recalled by Toshiba though are not a potential fire hazard, but could fail because of problems with storing and transmitting power.

The affected batteries are used in a Dynabook range of machines from Toshiba, and were made by Sony in spring this year.

The English version of the Toshiba website does not so far report the battery recall, but the home page does prominently state, “We have investigated with Sony whether those PCs that employ the subject batteries are affected with the same problem that caused the recent recalls issued by Dell and Apple, and have found that the system design and the protection system of Toshiba notebook PCs differ from those of Dell and Apple.”

The statement goes on, “We have found no evidence that the problem reported by Dell and Apple in their recalls applies to our notebook PCs. Sony has confirmed to us that there is no such problem as cited in the recalls of Dell and Apple with the battery packs supplied to Toshiba.”

At least three airlines – Virgin, Quantas and Korean Air – have already banned the inflight use of batteries to power Dell and Apple laptops.

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