Computer Weekly licks off licensing debate

CIO Index demonstrates growing licence management burden

Computer Weekly kicks off licensing debate

Computer Weekly is this week turning the spotlight on the issue of software licensing.

The purchase of effective software at an economic price is a matter of necessity, not choice, for most companies.

Industry trends such as systems virtualisation and the development of new hardware such as multicore processors are making traditional licensing models unsatisfactory. At the same time, software suppliers' understandable desire for predictable income streams has put pressure on users to move from perpetual to renewable licences.

These developments make it more difficult to ensure transparency in software contracts and have added to the complexity of administration.

On this and other pages, Computer Weekly examines the issues and trends, as well as looking at practical strategies to get the best deal on your software licence.

There is also your usual mix of news, comment and opinion on the full spectrum of IT issues.

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