Nokia counters malware threat to data on its smartphones

Nokia and Symantec are working to improve mobile security on Nokia smartphones.

Nokia and Symantec are working to improve mobile security on Nokia smartphones.

Under the arrangement, Nokia will be able to preload its Series 60 and Symbian devices with Symantec's mobile security software, giving business users protection against mobile malware.

Nokia and Symantec aim to protect personal information, such as contact databases, stored on smartphones as well as connected networks.

"Mobile devices are changing the way consumers and businesses live and work," said Sarah Hicks, vice-president of mobile and wireless solutions at Symantec.  "As more and more data, including financial and personal details, is stored on mobile devices, it is increasingly at risk from malware threats."

Symantec has been working with Nokia for more than two years to develop security technology and systems for mobile devices. The new agreement lets Nokia provide increased protection for Series 60 smartphones.

Security is based on Symantec's Autoprotect feature, which runs continuously in the background on the smartphone and checks for malicious code in SMS, EMS, MMS, HTTP and e-mail files. Users can also manually scan applications and file archives. 

A built-in firewall blocks suspicious incoming and outgoing connection attempts on the phone's Lan/Wan connection. Symantec Liveupdate wireless technology provides the smartphone with security updates downloaded via the wireless network.


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