Braintree improves services with CRM

Braintree District Council aims to save £500,000 a year through the deployment of a Siebel Public Sector (SPS) system.

Braintree District Council aims to save £500,000 a year through the deployment of a Siebel Public Sector (SPS) system.

The deployment will allow the council to replace 22 different systems and processes that had been in place to handle inquiries from local residents.

Braintree handles 10,000 inquiries a month from residents and expects substantial efficiency gains by adopting an integrated, single system .

The move over to Siebel forms part of the council's "Customer First" programme aimed at transforming service delivery standards.

With SPS in place, when a citizen phones or e-mails the council to inquire about housing repairs, environmental issues, recreation facilities or any other service, the inquiry is immediately routed to the new customer service centre, where agents using the unified citizen view are well placed to resolve or take action on the inquiry immediately.

Brian Cox, programme manager for the council, said, "In the past, citizens were often unable to speak to the right member of the council's staff because we had so many disconnected processes and systems. Now the integrated view [offered by SPS] means we can provide a single point of contract to resolve every inquiry our constituents have."

After bringing in the system on a 50-day implementation schedule, the authority says it is already experiencing a 40% increase in council contact.

The annual savings being projected are based on citizens making substantially greater use of the telephone and of internet-based transactions in their dealings with the council, alongside efficiencies in the back office brought about by streamlining processes and systems.

The self-service environment made possible by the Siebel system allows citizens to download forms and reserve, apply and pay for council services.

Before bringing in the new system, agents in the council's initial contact centre were faced with choosing from more than 30 desktop items to manage each inquiry - a time-consuming approach with a high incidence of error.

Cox said Customer First was already "transforming the efficiency and effectiveness of our service delivery."

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