VMware set to roll out 4 new offerings at VMworld 2011

An exclusive report on VMware's plans to roll out new services ranging from cloud migration to database-as-a-service at VMworld 2011.

VMware plans to announce four new offerings at the VMworld 2011 event to be held on August 29, 2011 at Las Vegas. These include VCloud Data Center Global connect, VCloud Connector 1.5, VCloud.VMware.com and VFabric Data Director — part of VMware's attempt to reinforce its IT as a Service strategy and its hybrid cloud portfolio.

The first in this range is VCloud Data Center Global Connect, a service that targets organizations spread over multiple locations. With a single contract, VMware users now get access to all service providers that work with its service provider, creating a virtual global hybrid cloud.

Highlighting the benefits of VCloud Data Center Global connect, Mathew Lodge, Senior Director in VMware's Cloud Services group says, “You can now sign a contract with the data center service provider to deploy applications in your local geography or remote locations. The application is closer to end users; you can also deal with international regulatory challenges of data privacy and locality.” 

On the VCloud Connector front, the new version focuses on organizations that have VMs with larger workloads. VCloud Connector 1.5 also has in mind users that perform long distance transfers with unsatisfactory network connectivity. It allows companies to migrate workloads, virtual machines (VMs) or vApps from private to the public clouds. According to Lodge, VCloud Connector 1.5’s new software architecture can speed up transfers between different clouds.

Checkpoint and restart are noticeable functions in the new VCloud Connector release. “We track the transfers in VCloud Connector 1.5. If it’s interrupted, the software automatically restarts the transfer from the checkpoint (point of failure),” says Lodge. The solution has a plug-in to the VMware VSphere Administration Client for Web-based access.

VCloud.VMware.com provides public cloud evaluation services to businesses contemplating hybrid cloud setups. Termed as the “gateway to the enterprise cloud”, VCloud.VMware.com allows an organization to locate the different public cloud providers in the same geography, evaluate respective offerings, and take advantage of a 30-day trial.

According to VMware, VFabric Data Director enables businesses to leverage the capabilities of the infrastructure layer to transition to a database-as-a-service model. This database-as-a-service-model banks on a core operations team at VMware, which creates templates of databases for developers.

Developers can procure databases provisioned in the form of VMs by VFabric Data Director, through a self-service portal. According to VMware, this offering will facilitate management, automation and deployment of databases.

In addition to the new launches, VMware is also focusing on Site Recovery Manager 5 (introduced as part of VSphere 5) at VMworld 2011. This solution claims to mitigate the storage replication challenges during DR as replication, as it’s built into VSphere 5. In addition to this offering, VMware’s service provider partners can also manage the disaster recovery services.

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