Technology and Tech Data news in brief

Short takes from this week's technology and tech data news

Short takes from this week's technology and tech data news

Frozen chips provide silicon with extra sizzle

IBM is developing chip-freezing technology to run processors faster. Using liquid helium to freeze a prototype silicon-germanium chip to 451 degrees below zero Fahrenheit increased processing speed to 500GHz from 300GHz at room temperature.

Bank trades up to open messaging standard

Bank JPMorgan Chase has joined Cisco and Red Hat in backing Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) – an open standard that interoperates with protocols such as Java Message Service, Soap, WS-Security and WS-Transactions. JPMorgan has rolled out an AMQP-based global trading system to 800 users.

Callisto emerges from Eclipse community

Open source group the Eclipse Foundation has released Callisto, bringing together the work of 10 Eclipse community application development projects. Callisto includes a C++ programming environment, reporting, GUI, and testing and modelling tools.

Skype to let VoIP users run their own ID checks

Skype is to enhance the user name authentication process of its voice over IP system. Currently, Skype automatically authenticates callers, which prevents users performing their own checks.

Xeon servers get power and performance boost

This week, servers based on Intel's Woodcrest Xeon DP chip will go on sale from the likes of HP, IBM and Dell. Intel said Woodcrest would perform 80% better and use 35% less energy than the Intel Xeon 2.8GHz chip. Woodcrest-based desktop and mobile processors are due later this year.

Peoplesoft v9 takes on the vertical challenge

Oracle has made "hundreds" of modifications to Peoplesoft Enterprise v9. Many are usability changes, although this major release also expands capabilities for industries such as public sector, healthcare, financial services, and communications, Oracle said.

Cisco doubles bandwidth for grid switches

Cisco has released SFS 7000D Series Infiniband DDR switches that scale from 24 to 288 ports. Double data rate capabilities double the bandwidth to 20gbps, and decrease latency. The switches integrate Ethernet and Infiniband in a common framework.

IBM cuts new blades to fit quad-core chips

IBM is to release a Bladecenter HS21 blade server, along with System x servers and workstations that support forthcoming quad-core chips, which are designed to cut power costs and improve application performance.

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