Sun and SAS claim datawarehouse standard

Sun Microsystems and SAS are claiming a datawarehouse performance benchmark.

Sun Microsystems and SAS are claiming a datawarehouse performance benchmark.

Sun says that its Sun Fire E25K server running UltraSparc IV+ processors on the Solaris 10 operating system, teamed with the SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server offers throughput leadership for the extraction, transformation and loading of massive volumes of data into a datawarehouse.

To achieve the benchmark, a Sun Fire E25K server with 48 x 1.5GHz UltraSparc IV+ processors handled 4.29 terabytes of raw data in less than 70 minutes. Sun StorageTek 3510FC arrays were used to provide read/write storage bandwidth and connectivity to multiple host domains, and Solaris 10 was used also, at times at 100% system utilisation.

Sun assesses the challenge to business as one where many large enterprises often deploy a multi-partitioned server to serve disparate departmental needs, such that high levels of reliability, availability and serviceability can be easily provided. Even though the departments might be disparate, Sun believes they often need to access the same datawarehouses generated from corporate-wide transactional sources. SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server allows the utilisation of multiple domains during off-peak times for the warehouse load.

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