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Mutiny has announced the release of Mutiny 3.5, the latest version of its critical services monitor.

Mutiny has announced the release of Mutiny 3.5, the latest version of its critical services monitor.


Mutiny 3.5 is a pre-configured hardware appliance that monitors network traffic and hardware (switches, servers, routers, etc) as well as the processes and applications that are running on it (Exchange, IIS, SQL, etc). The company says it is the only SNMP-based critical network monitoring appliance on the market, designed with ease of use as the most important feature.


The product enables real-time monitoring of network interfaces on SNMP-enabled devices. It provides an instant snapshot of the network bandwidth utilisation as well as non-intrusive monitoring of the interface status and any errors.


In common with other Mutiny monitored properties such as CPU load, memory usage and disk space, it is possible to set critical and warning thresholds against interface utilisation so Mutiny can send alerts (emails and SMS messages) when exceptionally high network traffic and errors are observed.


On the reporting side, Mutiny now uses ‘Round-Robin’ databases for the storage of historical data. These are said to provide high speed access for the enhanced on-board graphing tools. The event management system has been completely rewritten to allow much greater control over the sending of alerts coupled with enhanced transient event suppression to minimise the sending of false alarms.


The new database also provides a framework for an add-on, Mutiny Reporting Appliance, which will be launched later in the year.



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