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Bristol Council aims for open source savings

Bristol City Council expects to cut 60% from its software costs over five years by moving from Microsoft Office to Sun’s Staroffice and the Open Document Format standard. The council will roll out the software to 5,500 users. It has calculated that the total cost of ownership for an all-Microsoft Office environment would have been £1.7m over five years, compared with £670,000 for StarOffice.

Red Hat pulls plug on Fedora Foundation

Red Hat has axed its Fedora Foundation less than a year after being launched. The group was set up to oversee the development of a hobbyist version of the main Red Hat Linux distribution. Red Hat said the Fedora Foundation was not dealing efficiently with the amount of work created by the Fedora community, and it would now offer them more direct support.

Government agency to tackle major e-crime

The government last week launched the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca), the UK’s equivalent of the FBI, to tackle organised crime, including sophisticated computer-based fraud and money laundering.
The National Criminal Intelligence Service, the body previously responsible for tackling serious computer-based crime, is being integrated into Soca.

Banks beat government on identity trust issue

Only 23% of the population trust the government to protect their identity online, while 70% trust their banks to do the same. A survey by government portal YouGov also found that 65% of respondents would be uncomfortable with organisations running federated identity services that share their personal information with other systems.

Survey shows Oracle users plan consolidation

Many Oracle database users are planning to consolidate disparate databases and move to Linux, according to a survey of members of the Independent Oracle Users Group. The survey also found that migrating to the latest Oracle 10g database, consolidating servers and moving to a service oriented architecture were high priorities for the user group’s members.

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