Skype launches expanded SMB package

Skype, the leading VoIP player and internet communications company, has launched a new package for SMBs.

Skype, the leading VoIP player and internet communications company, has launched a new package for SMBs.

Skype for Business expands existing Skype SMB offerings to include: a Skype for Business website, a resource dedicated to business support; new Skype hardware from Plantronics; and new features in Skype for Business Control Panel (formerly named Skype Groups) to simplify management of grouped users and pre-paid services.

The new resource, available at, aims to make it easy for SMBs to use Skype and find resources to maximise security and improve productivity. Other features include integration with the Microsoft Outlook toolbar and new products optimised for SMBs are also available through Skype for Business.

"We know from listening to our more than 75 million customers that 30% of them are regularly using Skype for their businesses and most of these are small companies," says Niklas Zennström, Skype CEO and co-founder.

"Skype is dedicated to being the champion of these companies by making it easy for them to be productive, save money and have access to a sophisticated global communications solution that helps them compete."

Skype for Business allows administrators to centralise the management of company-wide paid services and usability tools. Skype for Business Control Panel offers a new auto-management feature that enables group administrators to make large credit purchases to one account and simultaneously distribute Skype credits, topping off all customer accounts. Skype credits can be used for Skype premium offerings including SkypeIn, SkypeOut, voicemail,
personalisation and third-party conference calling.

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