Server cooling concept from Rittal on display

Rittal Corporation is to unveil its liquid cooling technology at the BICSI Winter Conference.

Rittal Corporation is to unveil its liquid cooling technology at the BICSI Winter Conference.

The company’s IT product specialist, Herb Villa, will discuss liquid cooling and Rittal’s efforts in this field during a presentation entitled: “Liquid Cooling: A Next Generation Data Centre Strategy.”

During his presentation, Mr Villa will aim to discuss next-generation thermal management strategies and how enclosure-based liquid-cooling solutions can offer more effective heat transference from high-density installations. He will note during his presentation how heat loads of 20-25 kW are projected for individual enclosures and that proposed solutions must be compatible with site climate control systems.

Further, Mr Villa will discuss how air-cooled systems are fast reaching their reliability limit due to: increased difficulty dissipating dramatically elevating heat loads; high noise level due to air handlers and fans; electromagnetic compatibility problems caused by high-frequency CPUs; and reduced service life of active components. He will offer a glimpse of how liquid cooling can: stabilise temperatures; provide greater electromagnetic compatibility; allow increased server density; and increase Mean Time Between Failure.

Mr Villa will review enclosure and facility heat loads and will present options available for extreme density installations. End user and facility issues will be addressed followed by application-based solutions for the most stringent criteria. He will introduce several liquid cooling systems, including Rittal’s Liquid Cooling Package.

The Liquid Cooling Package (LCP) is a closed-loop liquid cooling system that is designed for compact, high-cooling output to servers. Bayed to the side of server cabinets, Rittal’s LCP is an air/water heat exchanger that provides evenly distributed cold air across servers. Each Liquid Cooling Package can contain up to three modules, providing cooling for one enclosure or two-bayed enclosures.

Finally, Mr Villa will also present a brief overview of a thermal test program conducted by Rittal. The program was designed to compare multiple enclosure and facility configurations and determine solutions that offer optimum heat dissipation results.

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