Next move: how do I switch to a management role?

The question: how do I switch to a management role?

The question: how do I switch to a management role?

I work as a database administrator and software developer in a small company, where I have been for the past five years. I recently achieved MCDBA and MCSE certifications. I am considering a move to a more management-based role. I have worked primarily alone until now and I am out of touch with my people management skills. What steps should I take to enable me to move to a management role in a larger company?

The solution: consider a step that goes halfway

Working in a small company will have given you the opportunity to understand the business and what is involved in generating a profitable and efficient workforce, which are both key elements in management. But it will be difficult to make the jump into an exclusively management role in a large corporate without any recent transferable skills and experiences of people management.

Look for team-leading roles and start to apply for them. You will need to adapt your CV for each job application, but think about your experiences from a management or team-leading angle.

Have you led or managed projects in the past? Have you dealt with third-party suppliers? Look for all opportunities within your current role to illustrate management competencies. Work with a credible recruitment consultant to extract all of your relevant experiences.

Another possibility would be to look for project management roles, which are tasked with delivering software developments and involve a degree of matrix management. This is certainly a good stepping stone into full-time management positions, as it will give you the opportunity to be responsible for  assigning tasks.

Solution by Robert Nunn, senior recruitment account manager at Plan-Net Services

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