802.11n standard being developed by the IEEE -- and more tech news briefs

Short takes from this week's technology news

Short takes from this week's technology news

Faster 802.11n tools due for certification next year

The Wi-Fi Alliance is aiming to certify the interoperability of products that include features from the 802.11n standard being developed by the IEEE in the first half of 2007. The 802.11n specification aims to boost wireless network bandwidth, supporting at least 100mbps.

Open source state to use MS Office converter

The US state of Massachusetts, which plans to standardise on the open source Open Document Format, has decided to support a Microsoft Office translator in order to meet accessibility requirements. The software, which is currently under development, will convert MS Office documents to ODF.

Washington researchers develop 'fan on a chip'

University of Washington researchers have built a cooling device small enough to fit on a computer chip. The device, which uses an electrical charge to create an air jet at the surface of the chip, could be used to cool the smallest microelectronic components.

New chip technology boosts performance

IBM is working with CSM, Infineon and Samsung to develop networking processors based on 45nm chip fabrication technology. Initial tests on show that performance is at least 30% greater than that of the 65nm node, IBM said.

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