IT staff on the treadmill 24/7

Mobile communications blur the lines between personal and private time.

The work-life balance is tipping dramatically in work’s favour, according to new research into employee attitudes.

A whopping 81% of IT employees feel obliged to some extent to be available to their employers 24/7, according to Info-Tech Research Group.

“This is the dark side of mobile communications,” warns Carmi Levy, senior research director at Info-Tech.

“The lines are totally blurred between personal and private time because we now have the technology to virtually take the office on vacation with us.

The survey asked respondents to rate how obligated they felt to be available to their employer 24/7. A hard-grafting 15% feel they are absolutely obligated, while the largest category (44%) feel they are somewhat obligated.

A separate white paper from The IT Job Board reveals that the relatively stable employment market has made employers complacent about creating attractive working conditions for staff.

The paper calls for firms to provide better career development and working conditions to help stem the flow of the two-thirds of technology staff that want to move jobs this year.


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