Cebit news in brief

Short takes on the news from the Cebit show

Early example of unified threat management

With security still high on the agenda, US-based Astaro and Germany's Utimaco Safeware will demonstrate one of the first unified threat management (UTM) appliances. It combines strong encryption and digital signatures, based on S/MIME and OpenPGP standards, and is targeted at SMEs that want professional-level encryption without the cost and complexity of enterprise systems.

Storage consolidation systems on show

Fujitsu Siemens will show its new storage consolidation systems, including the FibreCAT SX60, aimed at SMEs, and the FibreCAT SX80, designed for large organisations and datacentre operators. The systems offer a 4gbps Fibre Channel connection and can accommodate 12 drives, handling data volumes ranging from 146Gbytes to 30Tbytes.

Coda expands financial consolidation system

Accounting software supplier Coda is using CeBit to launch a new financial consolidation system - OCRA Consolidation. Coda says it supports a wider range of languages and complies with more national accounting standards, as well as international financial reporting standards.

Security system checks veins in user's palm

Fujitsu will demonstrate Palm Vein, a secure biometric authentication system that recognises the unique pattern of veins in a user's palm. It takes a vein picture of the user's palm, which is then registered and matched to a database to grant or deny access. The palm vein reader can be operated without contact and will only work on a live hand.

Voice encryption offers VoIP security

Software that can secure voice over IP sessions will be on display. One firm, Patton Electronics, will show new security software for its SmartNode VoIP products. Features include the ability to encrypt voice sessions using private virtual private network tunnels (voice over VPN), and encryption technology to cut the chances of traffic interception.


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