IT troubleshooters and security consultants receive their rewards

Pay for IT 'troubleshooters' has shot up by nearly one-third.

Pay for IT 'troubleshooters' has shot up by nearly one-third, while IT security consultants have seen pay rates soar by 22%, reports Personnel Today magazine.

The basis of the report is a survey of 5,000 IT staff, by the Association of Technology Staffing Companies which shows that average pay for IT staff has risen 3% in the past six months, but the increase in complex IT projects, particularly in the finance and government sectors, has put a premium on troubleshooting skills, with pay rates leaping 32% in a year.

Additionally, the report shows salaries for permanent troubleshooting staff rise from £30,000 to £44,000 and from £43 to £50 an hour for contractors.

The need to combat threats to data security has also pushed up salaries for security consultants - from £37,000 last year to £45,000 in 2005, while rates for contractors have jumped from £40 to £50 an hour over the same period.

Employment rates are healthy across the IT sector, with 8% unemployed in the second quarter of 2005 - down from 12% at the end of 2004 and 26% at the beginning of 2003.
Author: Dan Thomas

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