The right way to secure your mobile apps

How do you achieve the fine balance between truly free access and robust security?

Topic Securiing the interests of the extended enterprise: Reaping the benefits from increased flexibility without sacrificing security.

Time 11.00am

Date Tuesday 25 October 2005

Duration 45 minutes

Panel Joe O'Halloran, project editor,
David Friedlander, senior analyst, Forrester
Kevin Bland, director of channels, Citrix
Chris Mayers, security architect, Citrix
Case study (to be confirmed)



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With the advent of affordable and reliable networking technologies, there has been a seismic shift in the way that firms deploy their digital assets over the last few years. 

Rather than keeping a repository of key data available for the select few, businesses have realised that rolling information out to as many interested parties as possible is the way to success. Indeed, information communication has become both an enabler and a way for your company to achieve competitive advantage.

Yet whilst your company may have already extended the perimeter of its business and as flexible working prompts more and more employees to access corporate data from outside the firewall, your firm and its interests may be unwittingly exposed to threats and attacks.  Even if central databases are secure, it may be the case that the mobile devices that your company uses are not. 

So the challenge remains: how do you achieve the fine balance between ensuring that there is truly free access to sensitive information and applications from both inside and outside the firewall, without sacrificing security? This webinar will aim to educate and inform professionals such as you as to how to do it.

The webinar will look at the challenges facing IT managers and security professionals, looking at how you can identify the typical threats and vulnerabilities the extended enterprise will present and what types of technological solutions are available for you to address them. It will examine what processes should be undertaken in order to deploy the optimum technological solutions and reveal the common pitfalls in such deployments, and then offer ways in which you can avoid such problems. It will also present a real-life case study drawing on the experience of a fellow peer who, like you, is dealing with such challenges on a daily basis. 

IT managers and security professionals like you will be increasingly asked to manage a fine balance in offering technological solutions to profound business problems. This webinar will allow you to square this circle.

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