IT gets more complex - again

IT directors will need to ramp up changes in their departments.

As agility ousts cost reduction as the chief differentiator from competitors, IT directors will need to ramp up changes in their departments.

Large organisations will form a web of outsourced resources, partnerships and contractors by 2009, predicted 87% of the respondents of the Pulse 2005 research. This annual survey from the Global Future Forum (GFF), an independent group of futurists, academics and business people, aims to help organisations prepare for the future.

The survey suggested reducing costs will be replaced by the ability to respond fast to market changes.

The Unisys-sponsored report found that the drive for "co-opetition" will grow, creating large numbers of "portfolio" workers who work for traditionally competing firms.

"If companies are to adopt a networked approach, they will have to behave in a different way," said Alwyn Welch, Unisys UK vice-president and general manager.

"At the moment, many businesses have just one or two outsourced functions, but few actively structure the management of the relationship. In future this will have to change as companies outsource more."

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