MFI's failed supply-chain implementation affects annual profits -- and other news briefs

Short takes from this week's news

'Fragile' supply chain hits profits at MFI

Furniture retailer MFI's profits have fallen because of the unsuccessful implementation of a supply-chain system last year. Annual profits fell to 22.9m from 31.1m after its home-delivery rate and number of stock lines with extended delays soared in late 2004. MFI said the system "remains complex and fragile".

Longhorn codename dropped for Vista

Windows has officially named the next version of its Windows client operating system "Windows Vista". Previously codenamed "Longhorn", a beta version 1 release of the major upgrade of Windows since the launch of XP will be available to developers and IT professionals by 3 August.

US business software sales boost SAP profits

SAP has reported a 16% increase in second-quarter net profits fuelled by strong sales in the US for its business software. Sales for the quarter rose 13% year-on-year to 1.44bn, which produced a net profit of 206m. Software revenue rose 24% in the US, 23% in Asia, and only 9% in Europe.

More than 300 arrested in internet scam probe

Police have arrested 310 people in Malaga, Spain, following an investigation into a multimillion-pound internet scam . The fraudsters are believed to have conned more than 20,000 victims out of their savings. The group sent scam e-mails claiming the recipients had won fortunes in a lottery or offering cash to transfer money from far-flung countries.

Manufacturers start to buy strategic software

Users in manufacturing are starting to buy strategic software, according to research from IDC. Jennifer Thomson, IDC's programme manager for European vertical markets, said. She predicted manufacturers were looking to deploy strategic applications that could support innovation creation and competitive advantage.

Commissioner fails to act against spam

The Office of the Information Commissioner has failed to take legal action over 600 complaints of spam received over the past 12 months. The Information Commissioner claims that it lacks the powers to pursue and prosecute spammers effectively.

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