Orange delivers next-generation 3G mobile office card with wi-fi technology

New technology delivers faster Internet access, flexibility and simpler management

Orange has announced the availability of its second generation 3G Mobile Office Card. Targeted at businesses of all sizes, the 3G Mobile Office Card offers users integrated access to the Orange 3G and GPRS networks, as well as supporting WiFi connections.

Technology advances in the new data card are designed to give mobile workers an enhanced user experience. Integrated WiFi compatibility ensures that users can connect to the most appropriate and cost effective high speed network, whether at home, in the office or on the road. The Mobile Office Card also includes an external antenna to boost signal strength, providing faster and more reliable 3G and GPRS Internet access.

The Orange 3G Mobile Office Card includes software developments provided by France Telecom Research and Development, offering greater flexibility in choosing between networks. The default Automatic Mode connects to networks according to users’ pre-set preferences and priorities – for example the software can be programmed to connect to a home WiFi access point and then, if not available, to try 3G/GPRS. Alternatively, the new Manual Mode functionality allows users to pick the network themselves according to their current location or cost and speed priorities.

Independent research by AIRCOM International has shown that Orange has the largest integrated 3G/GPRS network for business in the UK. The 3G network alone now covers over 70% of the population, including the country’s top thirteen regional cities. Orange has also extended GPRS roaming for UK subscribers to 74 countries and currently provides 3G roaming in 10 countries.  This coverage, combined with the data card’s advanced technology and Orange’s 24 x 7 business customer service, gives business users the most reliable wireless data user experience.

“Our customers not only demand the best high speed mobile access for the Internet and the enterprise, but they need to be confident that they can connect wherever they are at a fair and consistent price,” said Alastair MacLeod, VP Orange Business Solutions. “Orange customers now have that confidence, benefiting from the largest integrated 3G/GPRS network for business in the UK, seamless international roaming, and the option of flat rate 3G and GPRS charges.”

Orange 3G Mobile Office Card users benefit from flat rate charges for international roaming, whichever partner network they are using and country they are in. Customers will also only pay for the data they have used with no minimum session charge and payment in Kb increments. And the new Mobile Office Card includes software enhancements to help individual users track their data use over the last session and previous month. End-user set up is completed easily with just three ‘yes’ clicks required for automatic installation.

The Orange 3G Mobile Office Card also offers simpler configuration and installation of devices for IT managers. Software developments enable administrators to customise roll outs according to varying requirements of teams, as well as configure user interface options and network connection settings. A range of value added services are available, offering enterprises support for trainers, helpdesks and end-users as well as assistance with software customisation and project management of team rollouts.

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