UK jobs to benefit from outsourcing growth

Offshore IT suppliers want to drive growth by setting up for business in other countries, and the UK is the leading target...

Offshore IT suppliers want to drive growth by setting up for business in other countries, and the UK is the leading target destination, according to a recent survey.

The survey, by outsourcing event organiser OutsourceWorld, of more than 1,000 IT outsourcing, BPO, call centre and HR outsourcing providers around the world, indicated that a third of overseas outsourcing suppliers expected to set up and grow their business within the UK in the next 12 months.

Nearly three-quarters of international outsourcing companies in 10 countries expect to grow revenues within the next 12 months by an average of 11%.

A similar percentage anticipate growth coming from investment in countries where they do not currently have operations centres, management centres, subsidiaries or headquarters. 35% of companies named the UK as their first-choice location for realising overseas growth, followed by Western Europe with 17% and the US with 13%. 

UK-based outsourcing suppliers are more reticent about the potential growth from new offshoring operations. Only half of outsourcing providers currently operating in the UK expect to expand into new offshore locations in the next 12 months, compared with 73% of global suppliers.

OutsourceWorld director Tim McLucas said, "It's a common assumption in the UK that outsourcing means one-way traffic to India, but this study confirms that is a very dated view.

"Our research shows that the global outsourcing phenomenon can just as easily bring new business into a country from near or offshoring organisations and the UK in particular is well placed to capitalise on this global outsourcing opportunity."

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