SME face increasing inappropriate email problem

Survey finds too many jokes are circulated on email

A survey of 2,500 employees by on-line pollster YouGov on behalf of content security company Clearswift, found that 45% of respondents admitted to circulating jokes around the office via email.

Clearswift, whose solutions are designed to filter out inappropriate content, said many of these jokes can be offensive and can lead to the company finding themselves in legal hot water as a result of litigation.

The survey also found that 45% of employees used personal webmail, such as Hotmail and Yahoo, which meant that companies had less control over what traffic their networks carried.

With 4% of respondents admitting to sending out confidential information via the corporate email system, the use of personal webmail can make such distribution even easier.

The survey also found that 5% of employees said they had replied to spam email offers, meaning spammers would be encouraged to send even more junk mail to corporate servers. This can lead to network degradation and the potential for systems to become contaminated with viruses and other malware increasingly carried by spam messages.

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