Data security attacks grow

New evidence shows phish attacks still growing

New evidence has emerged to suggest that the number of phishing attacks is still growing and the number of blended attacks using malware is also on the rise.

The industry-backed Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) said it received reports of 13,141 unique phishing email messages in the month of February, which was up 2% from January.

Phishing is the criminal use of spoof emails that try and lure users to malicious websites that are designed to glean users’ personal details, such as on-line banking details, to enable fraud. The number of phishing websites also rose 1.8% to 2,625 compared with the previous month.

The APWG also said emails containing worms and malware such as keylogging programs were also still on the increase.

Keylogging software, once installed on a user’s machine, allows criminals to remotely log the information being typed into a user’s keyboard.

As a large percentage of phishing emails are randomly sent to corporate networks, smaller companies with less stringent security are of particular risk to blended attacks.

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